About Propane and Electrons

My name is Seth, and my hobbies involve propane and electrons.

To be a bit more specific: I create interactive installation art that involves light (whether with fire or with LEDs). This often requires creating custom electronics hardware to repurpose existing devices, or new (flamethrower?) controllers which aren’t exactly off-the-shelf.

I’m interested in open source hardware. I want to share the work I do with anyone who is interested in building and creating more awesome things.

I am also not a professional when it comes to electronics. I do not have a background in electrical engineering; most of what I know now has been self-taught over the last three years. Projects like Arduino and the communities that have developed around them have made this possible.

My goal with this site is to share the projects I am working on, both completed and during the design process. This is also the place I’d like to keep and share my notes on what I’m learning, in the hope that it will be useful for other people. I’ll also be attempting to sell project kits, in order to fund future hardware development. This isn’t my day job, not even close.

Some other related groups and information:

Finally: while many of my projects are used for ridiculous projects like live action games of Street Fighter using flame effects, not everything here will involve fire. That said, many of the projects here do involve fire! I know what I am doing in the area of fire art; the installations I work on are compliant with NFPA 160 and have been inspected (and approved) by safety organizations including local fire departments and the TSSA. While I won’t say “don’t do this at home” (please do this at home), be careful when working with fire.