The wifire16 is a 16 channel wireless solid state relay. It acts as an Arduino clone with built-in XBee support, and activates the output channels via shift registers connected to optoisolators and MOSFETs. The output power can use higher voltage DC (within reason, e.g. solenoids that operate at 24 or 48V) as it’s just switched through the board.

The XBee on the wifire16 can run in simple point-to-point (AT) mode. It’s possible for one coordinator in API mode to send commands to many wifire16 boards in AT mode. Each board communicates directly with the coordinator, and the coordinator chooses which board to talk to.

A simple control program that runs on the microcontroller will read one character over the serial link. 0-9 and A-F will toggle channel 1 – 16, and ? will prompt the board to reply with + or – based on whether the solenoid side power is armed. For more complicated applications, the board can be wired in to external sensors.

The end result looks something like this (the final product will have red solder mask):

More details on the wifire16 can be found on the project page.

The wifire16 is the heart of Super Street Fire electronics. Currently SSF uses six wifire16 boards: three for fire and color control solenoids, one for 12v LED lighting in the round timer, and two for 12V LED lighting in the player life bars. More on this soon, but here’s a teaser of what the wifire16 boards can control: